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Decorative flooring

One of the most important features of any commercial or retail outlet is in the style and presentation of its premises. Choosing a decorative flooring solution can not only create a flat functional surface, but also a colourful environment that can contribute to the overall building design.

The prepared floor is coated with a filled clear epoxy and whilst the resin is still wet, broadcast with a full scattering of the chosen coloured flakes. Once cured, the excess flakes are swept off and any sharp edges de-nibbled before fixing/sealing the floor with a roller coat of clear epoxy. The finish can be either textured or smooth and a further protective polyurethane seal coat applied to give a matt finish if required.

This type of flooring is very versatile and is equally at home in a busy retail environment as it is in an office or reception area. A wide range of colour combinations are available to suit any business and add that touch of colour that can really have a powerful impact on the overall impression of a premises.

Further decorative options are available including epoxies in mixed colours to create a marbling effect, and polyurethane ‘comfort floors’ laid on a bed of rubber crumb to provide a flexible but hardwearing surface in bespoke high-end properties. Their slightly more complex installation means that they are more expensive than some other options but competitive prices are available.


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