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Heavy duty resin floor screeds

Heavy duty floor screeds are trowel applied three component polyurethane installed at typical depths of between 6 and 9mm.

The system is extremely hard wearing as it is heavily filled with aggregates and due to the homogeneous colouring throughout the screed worn areas retain their colour. The system is impervious and therefore provides a high degree of resistance to chemicals and liquids. This makes it ideally suited for kitchens and preparation areas within the food industry.

When installed at a depth of 9mm this system can be pressure washed or steam cleaned, it is very hygienic and provides excellent resistance to other forms of aggression including thermal shock from excessive heat.

The prepared floor is primed and then a 6-9mm thick coating of the coloured polyurethane resin filled with graded silica aggregates is applied by hand trowel or sledge and finished with a steel float. This provides a lightly textured, matt, anti-skid surface that is extremely versatile.



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