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Flow Applied System


Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring which is sometimes known as self-smoothing can support heavy traffic, making it ideal for use in commercial, retail, healthcare and educational premises. These floors are the choice of many businesses for its attractive end result available in a choice of colours and finishes.

The prepared surface is coated with epoxy primer and broadcast with a light scattering of quartz. The epoxy, which is mixed with fine fillers, is then laid by trowel or screeding pin rake to a depth of 2-4mm and then a spiked roller applied to the wet resin. Doing this ensures a perfectly smooth finish for use in industrial areas where quality is important - retail environments, food preparation areas and other commercial facilities.

Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring Systems are recognised as unique self-smoothing flooring solutions, whilst they also provide a hygienic, easy-to-clean and durable floor.

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