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Heavy Duty Cementitious Pump Screed

Heavy Duty Cementitious is an ideal flooring system for renovating or improving any old floor surface, especially one that may be badly damaged or worn. It can also be used to raise the floor level of a project quickly and evenly. This type of concrete is particularly fast in drying and can be fully operational for heavy vehicle traffic within 24 hours.

We install cement-based pumpable self-levelling screeds for use as a surface layer on industrial flooring applications. Heavy duty cementitious pumpable screeds can be installed at depths anywhere between 5 and 15mm. Thicker application can also be undertaken utilising a base coat of similar product, with slightly different characteristics from the finishing layer, up to a depth of 80mm.

Heavy Duty Cementitious can provide areas such as factories with a high performance flooring solution - one that can boast a compressive strength of 32 N/mm2, making it incredibly tough and durable. It can also be coated to improve its final appearance


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