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Industrial floor Coatings

This type of resin flooring is ideal for warehouses, factories, light assembly areas, commercial buildings and laboratories
Epoxy and Polyurethane Industrial Floor Coatings are solvent free and consist of 2 component floor coatings, normally applied as two separate coats – a primer and top coat.

These products provide a tough durable abrasion resistant floor finish and are available in a wide range of colours and can be visually stunning. Various grades of aggregate can be incorporated with the resin to achieve a slip-resistant finish. This type of industrial flooring solution is ideal for food preparation areas, laboratories, chemical plant storage, toilets and warehouses.

A medium duty roller applied resin, widely used in industrial warehouses, factories and many other industrial and commercial buildings as economical floor treatment, suitable for light fork lift use.

Working in partnership with the leading UK epoxy resin flooring manufacturers we can offer a range of epoxy resin floor paint with various finishes including matt, silk or gloss suitable for both industrial and commercial use.

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